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A translation is a way to communicate with a target audience, applying knowledge of the cultural and social environments.


A type of verbal translation done in real time for a present audience, with the purpose making the content immediately understandable.


Translations of applications, software and websites adapted to local customs.


Language processing of multimedia formats across platforms (audio, video, Internet, subtitles, recording, transcriptions, DTP, SEO).

About us – History – Description

We have been translators since the 1940s. We follow a family tradition that makes us proud to help you and meet your demanding requirements. We are flexible, personally committed and highly versed in the field. We hope that working with our team will be for you a pleasant and constructive experience.

  • 2016
    The Company became Kraus Media s.r.o. Expansion in Eastern Europe and Asia. Recruitment of new staff and offering of new multimedia services. Version 3 of the application Viggo completed.
  • 2011–2016
    Viginti Novem s.r.o. is established Translation and interpreting services in all fields. Expansion to Western and Southern Europe and cooperation with companies in North and South America. Expansion of the internal and external team of associates. Commissioning of the first server and completion of Version 1 of the application Viggo.
  • 2004–2011
    Pavel Kraus – Language instruction and translations in technology, engineering, automotive, IT, medicine, law, economics, and marketing. Administration and instruction of IT and computer networks. Provision of typographic and graphic services. Technical support specialised in translation software.
  • 1995–2004
    Fourth generation of interpreters and translators in Prague. Translations and interpreting in technology, electric engineering, economy and law. Participation in training events in Germany and the USA.
  • 1989–1995
    Third and fourth generation of interpreters and translators in Prague. Translations and interpreting in technology and electric engineering. Participation in training events in Germany.
  • 1980–1989
    Third generation of interpreters and translators in Prague and Central Bohemia. Translations and interpreting in tourism, insurance, technology, electric engineering.
  • 1965–1980
    Second and third generation of interpreters and translators in Prague and Central Bohemia. Translations and interpreting in medicine, tourism, insurance and electric engineering.
  • 1945–1965
    Second generation of interpreters and translators in Pilsen and Central Bohemia. Translation and interpreting in medicine and tourism.
  • 1935–1945
    First generation of interpreters and translators in Pilsen. Translations and interpreting for companies in the automotive and engineering industries.


 Pavel Kraus

My great-grandmother would be surprised! When she worked in Škoda Auto as interpreter, translator and stenographer of business correspondence between 1930 and 1940, she could have not imagined that she was laying down the foundations of a family tradition. My paternal grandfather was a painter and, in a small village near Kralupy n. Vltavou, he found my grandmother, who was very educated and spoke five languages. My father took after both his parents. He had a sense of detail after his father and talent for languages after his mother. He worked as translator since the 1980s and, after the Velvet Revolution, he worked on the harmonisation of EU technical standards.
Both my maternal grandmother and my father were an inspiration for me; they spoke all those different languages and meet and corresponded with foreigners. My first foreign language textbook was from 1930. It was bound and had beautiful illustrations of pupils and apple trees. I was 5 then. My granny spent a lot of time with me and we travelled to Eastern Germany, to the ice-cold Northern Ocean, where we would meet with people who were no longer foreigners to me.
Thanks to the open borders and meeting foreigners, I realised that it was possible to learn from native speakers. At first, I tried at the Business Academy, but then I went to a German High School. My father translated technical standards, my brother translated technical standards and I was a teenager. I learned German and English from native teachers. In 2000, I begun working in IT, computer graphics and typography, and translated short texts for friends. It was strange, after all those years, to get paid for a translation. But I had no doubts, and chose the path of translations. In the back of my mind, though, I argued with my business-minded alter-ego, who insisted that I should not sit always at the same desk, with a cup coffee, staring at the computer screen.
I tried roles as advertising manager, IT specialist, language instructor, and software and project manager. But after some time of maturing the thought of having my own business, and after a month of pondering the details of the life change that awaited me, I set up the translation agency Viginti Novem. That was the year 2011.
In February 2016, we celebrated our 5th anniversary, and I'm happy that the history of my family, my work and the sacrifice of the people close to me have allowed me to meet so many great and educated people. In August 2016, the company was renamed to Kraus Media, to better indicate our clients what we do. Thank you all.

 Alena Chybova

I'm Alena. I worked half of my life as producer of documentary films. A lot has changed since then. Now I'm responsible for people: suppliers, translators, colleagues. I'm also in charge of the company's money. I like people and money; so I have a lot of fun with invoices, taxes, quotations and exchange rates, really. The boss is also fun – he's part of the people. I've been here since the beginning and I'm very happy. The one thing I don't quite understand are computers and all related to them. Every morning, when I turn on the computer, I look forward to the messages of colleagues and suppliers; they make my day. So, if you have questions about orders or billing, contact me, I'll be happy to help you.

 Project VIGGO

Project Viggo is an ERP application of our own design that helps us manage projects, look after clients, do business and maintain the economic stability of the company. Since we designed it ourselves, it has features that perfectly reflect our ideas and the way we want to lead the business relations with our clients.

2016 - Testing of the Version 3. New modules planned
2015 – Testing of the Version 2. Additional modules – more features and expansion of the business module.
2014 – Testing of the Version 1. Additional modules – more features and expansion of the invoicing module.
2013 – Design of the application's basic modules for project management and customer care.

The team includes an administrator in charge of the smooth and safe operation of our servers, and an application programmer who gave life to our ERP system, Viggo. Thanks to both of them.

We have a flexible approach to the projects that adapts to the way our clients work. However, as professional providers of language services, we must adhere to certain principles that are part of our field. This is the reason we offer our services either in a standard package, or on the basis of individual agreements.

The usual procedure is as follows:


 Communicate With the World

The Excellence of Saying
The Right Word At The Right Moment


The rate of a translation depends on the language and the scope of services. The services can be in a standard package, or on the basis of individual agreements. Consult our business representatives for details.

  • 0,06 EUR
  • Rate per word
  • 1 translator
  • 2-eye principle
  • 0.07 EUR
  • Rate per word
  • 1+1 translator/proof-reader
  • 4-eye principle
  • Choose services
  • Choose a combination of services
  • Documentation management
  • Save your time
  • Choose services
  • Multilingual content
  • Cross-media platforms
  • Programmer support
Note: 1 page has roughly 250 words. Rates depend on the combination of languages

 Four Generations Of Experience

We are flexible and personally committed

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